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A cheerful procession with a brass band makes its way along the street.

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The dance resumes. She searches for a kerchief or a flower dropped during her meeting with Romeo. Romeo appears from behind a column. The love dance begins. The sonority of the viola seems perfectly suited to this material, with haunting harmonics and stalking pizzicato enhancing the eerie atmosphere. Juliet is ready, soothed, and even enthusiastic. This bittersweet movement has a gentle, ponderous quality, reflecting the character of the Friar.

Yet the ending of the work, as the lovers breathe their last, avoids bleakness; rather, it is exquisitely delicate. The effect is far more heart-breaking than full-blown drama. Summarising the significance of Romeo and Juliet, Leonid Lavrovsky, who choreographed the Kirov production, wrote: Prokofiev carried on where Tchaikovsky left off… He was one of the first Soviet composers to bring to the ballet stage genuine human emotions and full-blooded musical images.

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Yet his 24 piano Preludes, Op. The first set begins with No. This unhinged quality can also be found in No. The second set begins with the Prelude No. The enervating Prelude No. In No. The Prelude No. The intricate Prelude No. The arrangement ends with the frantic C minor Prelude, No. In the United States Mr. Hertenstein has won several prestigious competitions. Giovanni Bottesini Pietro Bottesini Nadia Boulanger Three Pieces for Cello and Piano Fritz Bovet York Bowen Francisco Braga Piano Trio Gaetano Braga Johannes Brahms Jan Brandts Buys Romantische Serenade for String Quartet Op.

Sicilian Serenade for String Quartet Op. String Sextet in D Major, Op. Johannes van Bree Quatre Morceaux Espagnols for Piano Trio. Piano Trio in E Major. String Quartet in D Major.

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Cello Sonata in G Major Frank Bridge Allegro appassionato for Viola and Piano Three Miniatures Nos. Phantasie for Piano Trio in c minor Phantasy for Piano Quartet in f minor Piano Quintet in d minor Three Novelletten for String Quartet Phantasie for String Quartet in f minor Three Idylls for String Quartet Cherry Ripe for String Quartet Sally in Our Alley for String Quartet Sir Roger de Coverley for String Quartet Hans von Bronsart Max Bruch Piano Trio in c minor, Op.

Anton Bruckner String Quartet in c minor. Intermezzo for String Quintet 2 Violas in d minor. String Quintet 2Violas in F Major. Piano Trio in E flat Major, Op. Ole Bull Polacca Guerriera for Violin and Piano. August Bungert Piano Quartet in E flat Major, Op. Giuseppe Buonamici String Quartet in G Major Adolf Busch Serenade for String Quartet, Op. Ferruccio Busoni Dietrich Buxtehude Trio Sonata in D Major, Op. Charles Wakefield Cadman Piano Trio in D Major, Op.

Roffredo Caetani Leonhard von Call Giuseppe Cambini String Quartet in b minor, Op. Manuel Canales String Quartet in b minor. Alexis de Castillon Piano Quartet in g minor, Op.

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Piano Quintet in E flat Major, Op. Georgy Catoire Piano Quartet in a minor, Op. Piano Quintet, Op. String Quartet in f minor, Op. Poem for Violin and Piano Sonata No. Ernesto Cavallini George Chadwick Piano Quintet in E flat Major. Ruperto Chapi Ernest Chausson Piano Quartet in A Major, Op. Luigi Cherubini Piano Concerto No. Francesco Cilea Rebecca Clarke Sonata for Viola or Cello and Piano Muzio Clementi Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Clarinet Quintet in f minor, Op.

Arcangelo Corelli Jean Cras String Trio String Quartet Piano Quintet Bernhard Crusell Quartet No. Carl Czerny Nancy Dalberg Franz Danzi Louis Dauprat La Nuit for Viola or Cello and Piano. Ferdinand David String Quartet in a minor, Op. Carl Davidov Karl Davydov Piano Quintet in g minor, Op. Frederick Delius Cello Sonata in D Major Otto Dessoff Edouard Destenay Trio No. Albert Dietrich Cello Sonata in C Major, Op.

Constantin Dimitrescu Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf String Trio in D Major. Ignacy Dobrzynski Piano Trio in a minor, Op. Ernst von Dohnanyi Cello Sonata in B flat Major, Op.

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Violin Sonata in c minor, Op. Gaetano Donizetti Piano Trio in E flat Major Piano Trio in D Major String Quintet 2 Violas. Friedrich Dotzauer String Quintet 2 Cellos in d minor, Op. Felix Draeseke Franz Drdla Sem Dresden Georg Druschetzky Cello Sonata in D Major.

Promenade Sentimentale for Piano Trio. Piano Quartet in a minor. Louis Dumas Lamento for Viola and Piano Thomas Dunhill Piano Quartet in b minor, Op. Gabriel Dupont Jan Ladislav Dussek Piano Quartet in E flat major, Op. Antonin Dvorak Four Miniatures for 2 Violins and Viola, B. Cypresses for String Quartet, B. String Sextet A Major, Op.

Anton Eberl Joachim Eggert Andreas Ehrhardt Julius Eichberg Skizzen Sketches for String Trio, Op.

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Edward Elgar Violin Sonata in e minor, Op. Piano Quintet in a minor, Op. Maurice Emmanuel Sonata for Violin and Piano in d minor, Op. String Quartet in B flat Major, Op. Georges Enescu Aubade for String Trio String Octet in C Major, Op.

Johann Carl Eschmann String Quartet in d minor circa Michele Esposito Victor Ewald String Quartet in C Major, Op. Joseph Eybler String Quintet 2 Violas in E flat major, Op. Philipp Fahrbach, Jr. Louise Farrenc Trio in E flat Major, Op. Trio in e minor, Op. Alexander Fesca Septet No. Friedrich Fesca Zdenek Fibich Piano Quartet in e minor, Op. Max Fiedler String Quintet 2 Violas in d minor, Op. Arkady Filippenko Anton Filtz Wilhelm Fitzenhagen Gavotte No. Ave Maria for 4 Cellos, Op. Concert Waltzes for 4 Cellos, Op.

Josef Bohuslav Foerster Arthur Foote Violin Sonata in g minor, Op. Piano Quartet in C Major, Op.

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String Quartet in D Major Eduard Franck Richard Franck James Friskin Phantasie for String Quartet Phantasie in e minor for Piano Trio Phantasy for Piano Quintet Piano Quintet in c minor Gaspard Fritz Violin Sonata in D Major, Op. Oscar Fuchs Robert Fuchs Terzetto No. Serenade No. Carl Futterer Ladislao Gabrielli ?? Niels Gade Five Novelletten for Piano Trio, Op.

Piano Trio in F Major, Op.