Rubber Shoes... A Lesson in Gratitude by Gladys Barbieri

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New other : lowest price. About this product Product Information Gladys Elizabeth is very disappointed with the new shoes her mother picks out for her. Her mom, being practical, decides on a pair of brown shoes that are on sale. Feeling that the shoes are the ugliest shoes ever, Gladys decides to rid herself of them.

Gratitude - Teaching Kids to be Thankful

The problem is they are indestructible. But on Rubber Shoes is a story about gratitude in younger children. But one day she grows out of them. Happy that she can finally get a pair of shoes that SHE wants, she is surprised when her mother takes a detour away from the shoe store taking her old shoes and giving them to a girl who absolutely loves and appreciates them way more than she ever did. A girl who cannot afford shoes. Will the act of her mothers kindness towards others change Gladys' attitude? This story relays a very good message children of all ages will understand.

Be thankful for what you have because there are children out there less fortunate who have nothing at all. If a child puts themselves in their shoes for awhile, they might begin to understand how lucky they are, and how thankful they should be about the things they have, not just toys or clothing, but the people that are in their lives that love them everyday. Children take many things for granted because in their little eyes, life revolves around them.

They don't think about how their actions affect anyone else. This book is a way to teach children to look at the the bigger picture of things and to think of others needs and not just their own all the time. It also teaches children to be practical in their decision making.

Feb 20, Donalisa Helsley rated it it was amazing. Gladys gets a new pair of ugly brown rubber shoes. She is very unhappy about this and set about to destroy them, lose them, get rid of them any way she can. Unfortunately they are indestructable. Finally when she grows out of those "ugly" shoes her mother takes her to give the shoes to another little girl. Gladys sees how the other little girl feels about those "ugly" shoes she learns about gratitude.

This book is written in English and Spanish which makes it rich in cultural diversity. The illustrations are very gentle in a beautiful color pallette. You and your child will love this story and its powerful but not overwhelming message. This is one of my new stories that I will use in therapy with my clients. No other compensation was provided for this review.

Los Zapatos de Goma...una leccion de gratitud/Rubber Shoes... A Lesson in Gratitude

Jun 05, Alma rated it liked it. In this bilingual picture book, a young girl is upset with her mother because she picks out ugly, rubber shoes for her when they go shopping instead of pretty ballet slippers. Her goal in life becomes to destroy the shoes, but they prove indestructible. Jan 19, Adriana Lugo rated it it was amazing.

Heartwarming true story of a little girl, who learns to be grateful for her ugly shoes. Love that it's bilingual! Erika Moreno rated it it was amazing Nov 10, Sheri Fink rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Julie Guardado rated it really liked it Jun 24, Joan rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Broadway, Santa Ana. Call or visit libreriamartinez. We want to hear their stories. Who in your family took part?

What did they do, and how did it change their life? Send your story and photos of your family member during the war, as well as a more current image. Include your name, a photo of yourself, your hometown and a phone number. Selected stories will be published during Hispanic Heritage Month. Deadline is Labor Day.