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Nous sommes des Nephilim, des enfants mi-anges mi humains mais nous ne savons rien d'autre sur nos origines.

Le chasseur et le soldat by barjy02 reviews UA Destiel. Dean et Sam sont chasseurs de prime et travaillent pour le compte de Bobby Singer. Don't Be So Shy! Prompt and you shall receive by Paige Terner reviews This is not a continuous story, but a collection of Castle fics I've written from prompts.

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I am no longer accepting prompts. I've now marked this as complete. Thank you for all the prompts, for reading, and all the feedback. I hope y'all continue to enjoy these stories.


Sam and Dean are set on saving Cas from Lucifer and Amara, no matter the consequences. Dean finally begins to realize what Sam knew all along. Iconic Moments by nic73 reviews As I feel fanfiction withdrawal as I struggle with time to write. I am starting drabble series that I can post to satisfy the craving.

Episode 111 (Replay entier) - Les Anges 11

These will extentions of iconic moments in the show. Feel free to suggest your own moments you would like covered. Des disparitions. Une affaire comme les autres Ou presque. Une famille si ordinaire by barjy02 reviews UA Destiel Chacun sa vie, chacun son espace Une vie de famille si ordinaire Cette fic est "complete" 28eme Annexe n 36 : "Note d'auteur" Surtout lorsque l'on sait pertinemment qu'on ne pourra rien faire pour les sauver. Et si cette fois He is tired of trying to understand it. Mutual Trust by Rosey Malone reviews Starsky tries to understand how a simple game can lead to devastating results in he and Hutch's already unsteady relationship?

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Post Starsky vs. I've been having a hard time dealing with this episode so I thought I'd try to change the ending. This will be posted in multiple chapters. Reviews are treasured! Les Anges me font chier. Le choc fut terrible quand il se cogna dans ces quatre-vingt-cinq kilos de muscles. Let her go by Leelou67 reviews Sam et Dean sont sur les traces d'une nouvelle ennemie.

La jeune fille et la nuit by Guillaume Musso

Je vous attends. Dean, perdu dans un monde inconnu, va essayer de la retrouver pour remplir ce vide qui ne le quitte plus Exit and Entrance by Vinividivinci reviews A short vignette between when Jane leaves the mental hospital and meets Teresa for the first time.

Christmas in a bag by ece23 reviews Starsky is working Christmas Eve all alone, until someone brings Christmas to him. A little thing I've had on my computer for a few years and finally decided to post! One and Done by live0laugh0love0 reviews A one shot feed for all things Castle. I'll write just about anything: AU, future, alternate endings, etc.

So please feel free to send in your prompts! I'll leave it to you who is talking. Time will tell by barjy02 reviews Endverse OVNI purement Supernatural I have thought endlessly about how Patrick Jane's feelings must have changed over the course of the series. I'd love to explore it in depth, but who has the time? Would I be able to capture those moments where something changed, though? One by one, like jewels in a necklace? We shall see. If you like drabbles, tell me what you think.

Silly sexy fun. Last Straw by pandemoniax3 reviews You welcomed the change of pace. Helping with the hunt, even if it is just reading up on lore, or pretending to be a director of the FBI, was a distraction that you would gladly accept. For once, you mattered. But then, it was as if everything happened to crash all at once. The Anniversary by nic73 reviews I was watching one of my favourite episodes, Red Rover, Red Rover, where Red John taunts Jane on the anniversary of his family's death.

We see Jane go to a restaurant and sit at a table set for three to remember his family. I wondered: what about now? Now he has a new wife and child, what does he do?

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I hope you like what I came up with. Jane's Error by Donnamour reviews A modern gothic story, somewhat inspired by the likes of Jane Eyre. Jane is a brooding widower in a creepy old house, where Teresa Lisbon is hired to be the nanny to his daughter, Charlotte. As with most gothic tales, this is riddled with mystery, darkness, suspense, and, of course, romance. Lovely cover courtesy of phoenix Remember by barjy02 reviews UA Resurgissent alors les souvenirs d'hier et un nom, Castiel Quand le masque tombe by Gillesinlove reviews A la suite de l'officialisation de leur engagement par Beckett, Tyson est furieux de voir qu'un de ses pires ennemis va convoler de bonheur.

Dead set on you by kimmiesjoy reviews AU first meeting. Her shoulders are slouched when he sees her. Everyone's are, but even with three layers of blood and make-up plastered to her skin the way she slumps as she walks is kinda cute. Cogito ergo sum by barjy02 reviews UA Anticipation Dean Winchester est un blade runner Son boulot : le retrait Sa routine de flic Parmi ceux-ci, Castiel Batty, leur fascinant Leader Destiel en devenir.

The Usual Suspects by LadyLini reviews When two John Does are caught in the middle of a grave desecration, it's up to New York's four finest detectives to figure out who they are and what they were doing. Can I call you? Le bonheur c'est simple comme un coup de fil I'm not usually the type to write smut, but here goes.

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Dean s'en pose encore la question Galatea by shallowdweller reviews A tribute in celebration of the Mentalist series finale, dedicated to my own dear husband to whom I was married 19 years ago this month. From Lisbon's point of view, but in the author's voice. Softly by Kate Christie reviews A moment of uninterrupted quiet. I plan to post here some implausible, unlikely, and unusual possibilities based on the previews and hints that CBS and the Mentalist let slip.

Invincible by Dmarx reviews He knows he's staring, knows he should probably stop, but he just Post-ep for 7x No fluff. Just an emotional rollercoaster. You have been warned. Childhood dreams: episode tag for Little yellow house by nic73 reviews Jane and Lisbon discuss the graffiti on the bedroom wall. Entwife wrote an adorable piece on Lisbon's view of Jane's hair and it inspired one in me. So here it is Abbott - Complete. For Obvious Reasons by shallowdweller reviews This song wove itself into my brain. Sorry I have no way to convey the tune. Based on Blue Birds.

Moonin' with my honey by kimmiesjoy reviews Post epi for 7x She squeals and kicks the sheets, alone in the bed. She's on her honeymoon. The Hell of the Living by Lothiriel84 reviews The hell of the living is not something that will be: if there is one, it is what is already here, the hell where we live every day, that we form by being together. For ruuger. Le Poids des mots by virtualJBgirl reviews "Ce jour lointain fut le jour le plus heureux de ma vie.