How to Win at Omaha High-Low Poker

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Speculative hands become less playable during the middle stages of a fixed-limit Omaha Hi-Lo tournament.

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Key strategy considerations include being in control of the hands you do play at this stage. Instead of limping and playing pots multi-way you should look to raise those hands you are willing to play.

General Strategy

Ensuring you have scoop potential becomes more important during the middle stages — opponents will have enough chips to see some flops and continue with their strong draws and getting quartered at this stage may have a significant impact on your stack. High-only hands are often not playable during the middle stages, however these can sometimes be used deceptively against early position raisers — especially when they are known to be tight. Since tight players will almost certainly be raising low cards if they come in from early position a flop with little low potential and even better some coordinated high cards can look scary.

Playing high cards here can give you the potential to check-raise an early raiser out of the pot, plus give you the backup of the nut high for those times you are called.

If medium-stacked yourself you should not be scared of such confrontations when holding strong hands with nut draws to both sides of the pot. Play in the later stages is governed by a combination of the pot-odds and the stack sizes, both relative to the other players and in relation to the blinds and antes. You will need to be constantly aware of the number of hands which you can play through to the end for your own stack and those of opponents.

Omaha/8 Showdown Rules

The first is to have both the best high and low hands. The other way is to possess the best high hand when no hand qualifies for the low. If there is no qualified low hand then the best high hand will win the pot. For example is lower than. If the highest card is equal in rank then the next highest card is used to determined the lowest hand. This means that is lower than because the second highest card among the five is lower. If the second highest card was the same then it would go to the third, fourth, and fifth card respectively.

If players share the same low cards then the low half of the pot is split. Remember that low hands that are straights and flushes do not disqualify it from being low but, in fact, make it a two way hand and a candidate to scoop. While a Royal flush and a five high straight, called a wheel, would represent the best high and best low hands, the hand you really want at the showdown is a five high straight flush to scoop the pot with the best high and low hands.

How to Crush HORSE Poker - HoldEm & Omaha High Low Strategy

The basic rules are the same as Omaha high, in that you must use two of your hole cards with three on the board. Only the best high hand will win.

In the case of a malfunction or disconnection, the situation will be resolved according to our Disconnection and Cancellation policy. You should always be on the look-out for a chance to win the whole pot — an activity called scoping. There are two ways to scope. Either, you have the best high hand and the best low hand.

Or you have the best high hand and there is no low hand.

Mastreing Omaha-Hi-Lo Strategy at 888poker!

If you aim at winning only the high or only the low part, the reward is only half as big. Even if you have the best possible low hand, you can never be sure of winning even half the pot. It is always possible that another player has the same low hand, so that you will split the low part of the pot, that is, you will get only a quarter of the pot. This means that you get very bad odds for playing your hand.

Strategy Sections

In fact, you may even lose money on the hand if you win only a quareter of the pot. Of course, high hands sometimes also split the high half of the pot. But it is possible to hold a high hand of which you know that no other player can match it.

2017 WSOP Europe Event #7: €1,650 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

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